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Your Dog's Benefits:

Rover’s Playhouse offers an excellent opportunity to expose your dog to new friends in a comfortable, safe, and relaxing setting.

At Rover’s Playhouse your beloved canine friend will benefit from:

Gentle, caring & well trained Dog Handlers dedicated to your pets care

Rover's team includes knowledgeable & certified vet technicians

A healthy balance between exercise, play, and rest

Socialization through supervised group play

A variety of daily activities

Plenty of physical exercise, play time & treats

Positive reinforcement of basic commands

Night time serenity in a clean, well ventilated room

Your Benefits

Your Benefits

You will never again have to worry about how your dog is entertaining himself at home alone.

Just bring your precious pet to Rover’s and we’ll take care of the rest!

As an owner, you will experience the following benefits:

Peace of mind that your pup is safe and happy

A well behaved dog

Ability to rest after a long day's work

Assurance that Rover's is giving your pet the care & attention it deserves

No guilt from leaving him home alone for a whole day or longer

No more coming home to chewed up the furniture, accidents on the carpet, or nonstop barking

All day access to your dog through our six WEBCAMS