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We are a team of passionate dog & cat lovers

dedicated to taking the very best care of your pet!

"As Manager of Rover's Playhouse, my goal is to make sure our pet guests & their owners are our #1 priority!  On a daily basis I'm coaching an amazing team that is totally dedicated to giving top notch service!  We are selective about who we hire.  Even our pet guests have to pass a screening before they are allowed to stay & play!  We are constantly working to improve our services. My team practices respect and honesty on a daily basis and it shows!  I'm also very proud of how well we manage & oversee the health of our pet guests.


We truly appreciate our loyal customers & value their business!"


                                                                                                    --Casi Sprecher, Manager

My goal is to make sure we're running like a smooth sailing ship! That means keeping a very passionate & dedicated team on board, and giving them the credit they deserve for the success of Rover's Playhouse.

"When it comes to my team...I find myself telling them on a regular basis how awesome they are! They really go the extra mile.

Team Rover's deserves a pat on the back!

I could not do this without their loyalty and hard work.


We are consistently working to keep this business moving forward.

We're always looking to raise the bar when it comes to customer service, pet guest service and keeping our team motivated!


Our team is well trained and educated when it comes to dog behavior &  safety.  At Rover's we truly care.  We treat our customers how we would want to be treated. And we love their pets as though they were our own.


Rover's Team has been running this business together since 2002... and at the end of the day... I can honestly say...

we have something truly amazing to be proud of!"



                                                                                         --Kimberly Reynolds Sr. Manager & Owner